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Easy & romantic wedding options! Our all-inclusive wedding packages mean you can shortcut all your wedding prep, get introductions to vendors we know and trust, and hear expert advice from people with your best interests at heart. This is a revolutionary way to plan your wedding: enjoy an easy, stress-free, and pleasant process that gives you time, space, and energy to enjoy every day of your engagement! 


Select the right tier for your needs - then customize and adapt!

Find out wedding food secrets: how to make sure your guests are well fed - and you get something delicious to eat too!

Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan, we have delicious wedding food options for you and your guests.

Our  Weddings menu has been carefully curated and crafted based on the feedback of our couples and hundreds of thousands of guests.  We take this food thing very seriously.

Our chefs team works hard to create varied and delicious menus that scale for a big event. It’s not easy feeding more than 100 people all at once!

When you choose a our Weddings package, you can create a menu to suit your tastes.

What’s a Duet Plate?

Good question: a duet plate is your choice of two entrées served together on the same plate.

 When to Serve?

Every wedding is different when it comes to timing but one thing we all know – no one wants hungry guests.

A lot of couples keep their guest entertained with a cocktail hour and music for between 60 and 90 minutes. This is when appetizers (or Hor D’Oeuvres) are served, usually on passed plates. A cocktail hour after the ceremony also works great as it lets the photographer get all the family portraits without making other guests feel like they’re waiting around.

Once a group has entered the banquet room, they’ll probably expect food within about 30 minutes – depending on if the first dance is before or after the first course. Allow around 45 minutes for the first course, and this is traditionally when the Champagne toast is made.

The second course takes around 45 minutes too. Once you factor in everyone getting their food – whether via a buffet line or plated service.

After the food: cake cutting and dancing!

What to Drink?

There are a million options from a signature cocktail created just for you too, to an open or paid bar. In our experience, people expect a few bottles of wine on the tables, Champagne or cider for the toast, and then the opportunity to order their own drinks.

At Chef Anthony's Table Weddings, we offer several bar options and your wedding planning team can help you find the right choice for your guests.

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